Alpine Community Projects

Alpine Community Projects is an expressly non-partisan organization that supports, energizes, and undertakes projects that enable Alpine and its citizens to flourish and lead more fulfilling and happy lives at every age.

We are developing or supporting a variety of projects that make Alpine an even better place to live. Where we see gaps in services or programs available in Alpine, our job is to help figure out ways to fill them. ACP is a welcoming, open space where people can discuss ideas, make plans, and then act on them. As our organization matures, our role will morph to address what’s needed at the time. Sometimes the right project is the one we can get traction on (because of willing volunteers or grant opportunities), so we’ll remain flexible. 


Our projects are both short and long-term. For some projects, we will take on the planning of an initiative and then work with another entity (non-profit or for-profit) to maintain the project once our role of creating the thing is done. Other projects might be short-term with a clear finishing point. And for some other projects, we might serve as people-connectors or work as thought partners to help existing groups do work they are already suited to do. 

Do you have an idea for Alpine? Let us know about it here.